March 2019

ACFE Perth Sundowner event

When: Thursday, 21 March 2019

From: 5pm

Where: The Aviary, Perth CBD, 140 William Street

Price: nil - buy your own drinks

Casual sundowner event for the ACFE Perth members and ACFE Perth Chapter friends. Feel free to drop by for a drink and catch up with the ACFE members and Board members.

November 2018

Date: Tuesday, 20 November 2018

SME Fraud risk management

Wayne Stone gave us great insights into the profile of a fraudster and red flags to watch out for, Richard Boddington led us through the dangers of email hacking with preventative tips, Eve Switka ACCA CFE guiding us through Director's duties in fraud prevention, and Hollie Ponton walked through the importance of risk management for an SME. Thanks for all those in attendance, and big thanks to Deloitte for hosting the ACFE Perth Chapter.

August 2018

Date: Wednesday, 15 August 2018 - Annual General Meeting, Election of Office Bearers and CFE Credential presentation.

Location: RSM Australia, Level 32, Exchange Tower, 2 The Esplanade Perth WA 6000

A big thankyou to all the Perth ACFE Chapter Members that attended our Annual General Meeting and a big thankyou to RSM for hosting the event. Several changes have now been made to the board. We would like to congratulate, Mr Ben Arnold for his re-appointment to Vice President, Ms Hollie Ponton to Secretary/Treasurer and Mr Troy Williams as General Committee / Board Member. Also a big welcome to our new and highly credentialed board members, Mr Wayne Stone and Mr Richard Boddington along with our new President, Ms Eve Switka who has taken over the baton from Dom Blackshaw. We are certain that the ACFE Perth Chapter Incorporated is in good hands with Eve at the helm and with such a strong and highly

experienced team to support her. A special thankyou also to other outgoing members, Belinda Lee, Jason Mills and Tony Drayton for their commitment over the years and for their high level dedication and valuable contributions to the Perth Chapter's goals. Tony was also officially recognised for recently achieving his Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) Qualification. Well done Tony.

(Photo - Tony Drayton being formally congratulated by Perth Chapter President - Dom Blackshaw.)

June 2018

Review of ACFE 2018 Report - Global Study on Occupational Fraud and Abuse

Presenters; Ben Arnold and Holly Ponton

Wednesday 13 June, 2018

June 2018

April 2018

Lavan Partner and Cyber Risk and Data Protection Specialist. Mr Iain Freeman.

Location: Lavan, Level 20, The Quadrant, 1 William Street, Perth

Time: 5:30 pm

Date: Thursday, 19 April 2018.

Are you at risk of data breach? What are your obligations under the recent changes to the Privacy Act for mandatory reporting of a data breach? What constitutes a data breach?

Lavan has a dedicated Cyber Risk and Data Protection team, led by Iain Freeman, which is focused on assisting clients to mitigate their cyber risk, potential exposure to a data breach, and reporting of any such breaches.

There were changes effective from 22 February 2018 to the Privacy Act which affect both the company and the personal responsibility of directors and senior management to provide mandatory reporting in certain circumstances to the Privacy Commissioner and to the individuals involved, if the company is the subject of a data breach

Iain ran us through the following questions (and answers!) that you should also ask yourself and your clients:


  1. Does the company have an annual turnover of $3m or more?
  2. If it does, are you aware that with effect from 22 February 2018 there were amendments to the Privacy Act that affect both the company and the personal responsibility of directors and senior management to provide mandatory reporting in certain circumstances to the Privacy Commissioner and to the individuals involved, if the company is the subject of a data breach?
  3. Are you also aware that relevant data breaches are not limited only to such malicious acts as theft or hacking? Notifiable breaches may arise from internal errors or failure to follow internal policies that result in accidental loss or disclosure. Many of the prominent data breaches that have occurred were a result of internal errors and failures to follow internal processes.
  4. Do you or have in place:

i. a policy to identify security risks to personal information that you or your members hold?

ii. a policy to evaluate in a systematic way whether your existing information systems align with good privacy practice and legal obligation?

iii. policies that implement practices and procedures to reduce the risk of information security?

iv. proper training in this regard?

v. a designated officer responsible for the policy procedures training and auditing?

vi. appropriate responses in the event that you find there has been a data breach? Those responses need to be ready almost instantaneously.

vii. protocols and procedures that can rapidly be put into place to either cease the loss of data or mitigate the consequences of the loss of data?

February 2018

“How the did this happen?”

Using forensic, internal audit and other techniques to help Boards and Executives recover from fraud and misconduct events.

Dan Hutchens, Principal RSM Australia Pty Ltd.

Sponsored by RSM.

November 2017

Digital Forensics and CCTV Workshop - Richard Boddington and Gordon McMeikan, The Digital Forensics Institute

Sponsored by Western Power.

November 2017

RAC Investigations Team

"Insurance Fraud, What is it and How is it Detected?"

Sponsored by the Royal Automobile Club (WA) Inc.

October 2017 - Panel Discussion

(1) Warren Baillie, Company Secretary Woodside and Vice President Governance Institute of Australia

(2) Jane Gouvernet, Associate Director, Advisory, BDO (former Regional Commissioner of ASIC) and,

(3) Wayne Stone, Head of Pharmacy – Executive Manager & General Manager Benefits HBF

“Why does Corporate Culture matter in fraud control; The Antecedents and Consequences of Top Management Fraud; Fraud by top management is a topic that has stirred public interest, concern, and controversy; What are the consequences of management fraud on various stakeholder groups such as shareholders, debtholders, managers, local communities, and society; Where to from here;

Corporate Culture is becoming a key performance metric in many organisations and arguably for all the right reasons. So how does corporate culture assist in the prevention of fraud?”

Sponsored by Lavan and Avior Consulting

August 2017.

Along with rapid technological advancements, increasing globalisation and reduced transparency through the value chain there is the impact upon an organisation's ability to protect against fraud. Signing a well thought out, legally sound contract is only the beginning.

Ben Arnold and Alistair Purt through A&P Advisory completed an excellent and well delivered presentation which provided key governance insights to the members of the WA CFE Chapter by using their industry experience to guide members through the common pitfalls and success factors for embedding a sustainable governance and monitoring framework for joint ventures, contractors and suppliers.

Thanks again to our friends at Deloitte for sponsoring the event.

May 2017

Ethics - Are they Just Trumped up Platitudes - Deloitte Conference Suites - May 2017

From Plato and the Greek Philosophers, to morality and the will of God, natural and human rights, Immanuel Kant’s “Categorical Imperative”, Utilitarianism and the moral challenges posed by corporate decision makers, Dr Alan Byrne took us through a highly thought provoking “morals versus ethics” journey of the ages in what proved to be an outstanding session for the Perth ACFE Chapter members. Thanks Alan.

Sponsored by Deloitte.

November 2016

Hollie Ponton of the ACFE Perth Board presented to ACFE members at the Western Australia Police Major Fraud Squad Office in Perth in November 2016

She discussed a specific investigation she had worked on at her time at the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and commented on lessons learnt and fraud key signals.

Youtube video will be uploaded once authorised to be distributed.